Creative USB Cam Optia

Creative Cam Optia
The Creative Cam Optia is a new USB webcam to become available. With other webcams there are drivers which always need installing first to allow the camera to work on your system. However, this camera is different in that it uses a new USB video class called UVC which gets rid of the need to install drivers. UVC is a new class which works in a similar way to flash drives which plug in and go. As flash drives use the same standard, there are no drivers needed. UVC aims to follow this route. With more and more providers getting in on the UVC scene, you will start seeing cameras compatible cross platform such as on the PS3. You webcam will then work with different machines in your house and stop you needing to buy a dedicated cam for the PS3, Xbox etc…

The Creative Cam Optia is one of the latest cameras to use this technology and it looks like a great cam from the pics I have seen. A full review can be found at EverythingUSB.

Via: OhGizmo

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