Dr Who Tardis USB Hub

Dr Who Tardis USB Hub
USB hubs are seriously handy devices, but yet the majorty need to stay hidden as they are usually just a box with a number of connectors in. The Dr Who USB Tardis is different in the way that it’s just that… a Tardis. For those of you who are not familier with what a Tardis then it is a Time and Relative Dimension in Space which is in the form of a 1950s London police box. On a technical side it is a 4 port hub, features a blue flashing light and also makes the well known tardis noise each time you connect a USB device to it. As an added bonus it also features a demo button just incase you get bored of connecting and reconnecting all your USB devices.

Dr Who Tardis
The USB Tardis is available from Firebox for 19.95 pounds and unfortunatly does not allow you to travel in time although I have been told from a secret source that time travel will be available in version 2 when it comes out later this year 😉

Buy it from Here.

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