iPod touch 4th Generation Teardown

iFixit managed to get hold of an iPod touch to tear down. The iPod touch went on sale this week after being announced just last week at the Apple Special Event.

The iPod touch is very thin and hence, a lower resolution camera was used as the 5 megapixel version from the iPhone 4 just wouldn’t fit with the technology used today.

The new touch uses an A4 processor although it comes packaged with 256MB of RAM (just like the iPad) rather than the 512MB of the iPhone 4.

A few notable points regarding the new model. According to iFixit, it’s the easiest iPod touch to get in to. It’s held together with glue and two tabs.

The battery has been soldered on to the main board which makes it a pain to replace. However, there is more space between the solder joints.

The rear facing camera is about 0.7 megapixels and can capture at 960×720 pixels. There is no way that the current iPhone 4 camera could be squashed. Advances in technology need to happen first which means by this time next year, the 5th gen iPod touch might get a 5 megapixel camera.

There is no vibrating motor to be found inside. Apple [AAPL] has removed the claims from it’s website where it originally said that there was so that incoming FaceTime calls could be noticed.

iFixit summarise by saying…

* Lighter and thinner
* More durable metal back panel (we’ve seen many broken glass iPhone 4 rear panels)
* Half the price at only $229!
* Only 256 MB RAM
* No GPS
* Harder to disassemble
* No vibrator
* John Gruber has postulated that the iPod Touch does not have an IPS display. We are still working to verify this, and will post comparison photos soon.

Full tear down can be found here.

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