Latest Gen iPod shuffle Gets Torn Apart

The latest generation iPod shuffle was announced last week and launched this week. iFixit of course, managed to get it’s hands on one and tear it apart to see exactly what’s inside the new device.

With the shuffle having no screen, Apple [AAPL] has managed to cram everything in to the shuffle and make it a tiny package.

In terms of how easy it is to teardown, iFixit gave it a rating 2 out of 10 which basically makes it very difficult to teardown.

The iFixit teardown summary is as follows…

Good: The control pad is attached to the logic board via a connector, allowing it to be easily separated.
Good: The lack of a screen eliminates a large weak point of other devices, making the Shuffle more resilient to falls. Just don’t flush it down the toilet.
Bad: You essentially have to break it to open it.
Bad: The battery is soldered to the logic board, making replacement that much more difficult.
Bad: Apple keeps shrinking connectors. These super-small cable connectors are increasingly difficult to open without breaking them.

More pictures and the full step by step instructions can be found over at iFixit.

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