Darth Vader Toaster

darth-vader-toasterEverybody knows who Darth Vader is. Just in case you love him too much then you need to pick up a Darth Vader Toaster. The toaster brands your toast with a picture of Darth Vader… how ace is that. [Read more…]

Digital Thermometer Pan

digital-thermoter-panAs I found out last night, sometimes a thermometer is needed when you are heating something up in the kitchen. This Digital Thermometer Pan has put a thermometer right in the pan with an easy to read display on the handle. Had I used one of these last night I probably would have made something decent rather then the burnt mess I had at the end. [Read more…]

Cooker Hood LCD Screen

cooker-hood-lcdThis LCD TV is not available on it’s own. Instead, you actually buy the whole cooker hood (with built in LCD) to provide something to watch as you are making your next stir-fry in the kitchen. [Read more…]

Pandigital Kitchen LCD Screen

pandigital-kitchen-hdtvPandigital have launched a cool 15 inch HDTV designed to be used in your kitchen. The screen features a number of cool features including a recipe book allowing you to keep the kitchen paper free, and avoid having to take the laptop in to the “danger zone”. [Read more…]

Articulating Faucet from Kohler

bendable_kitchen_faucetThe articulating faucet is made by Kohler and can twist around to suit any bucket filling situation. The faucet is made of Carbon to make it durable and lightweight. [Read more…]

Fridge Magnets turn High Tech

Digital photo frames and fridge magnets don’t tend to end up in the same sentence. That is until now. A company named ThumbsUp have created a digital photo frame fridge magnet. [Read more…]

Self Shaking Salt and Pepper Shakers

self shaking shakersA unique set of gadgets I came across today are the self shaking salt and pepper shakers. Two things are required to make these things work. First, you pull the cord and second you hold the shaker. When the cord pulls back in to the shaker it automatically shakes the shaker spewing out salt or pepper over your meal. What I don’t understand is the need for something like this. Surely the process of pulling the cord on the shaker is actually more hassle then just holding the shaker and shaking it your self?

The self shaking salt and pepper shaker set costs $9.95 and is available from calliopeboutique.

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Perfect Rice Every Time

For those who eat a lot of rice, it is important to get the consistency right. Nobody wants soft, squidgy rice and likewise, nobody wants hard undercooked rice. A rice maker tends to sort out most of these problems for you if you measure the right quantities. A company named Satake are still not happy that the rice is just right though and have created a rice checking gadget which rates the rice and adjusts it accordingly. Measurements taken include the aroma, flavour, firmness and viscosity. Once the data is gathered the results out of 100 are given. At a hefty 5.775 million Yen from what I understand, that is just short of $55k USD which is about 54.9K more then I would be willing to spend on perfect rice. Clearly this is aimed at large producers rather then those who eat it.

Via: kilian-nakamura

Audiovox Homebase Fridge Whiteboard with LCD

Audiovox has created an interesting fridge pen boards. However, it isnt just a plain old white board which you write on. This one has a 7″ screen embedded which gives it audio and visual capabilities. Built in to the audiovox homebase is a mic and small camera which allows you to leave short video or audio messages on it’s 512MB of built in memory. If 512 is not enough then you can use your own flash drive as an alternative. The callendar function allows you to set messages to display at certain times of the year, suuch as a birthday message for your wife, or child.

Available on US mothers day it will cost $149 for the audio only unit, with an extra $50 getting you the video version.

Via: Inventorspot

Pizza Cutters for Bikers

Pizza Cutter for Bikers
If a standard Pizza Cutter is not enough then you need to pick up one of these beauties. They are designed by Frankie Flood and are based on a chopper motorcycle style.

Pizza Cutter

Pizza Cutter 2

Pizza Cutter 3

Pizza Cutter 4

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