Pandigital Kitchen LCD Screen

pandigital-kitchen-hdtvPandigital have launched a cool 15 inch HDTV designed to be used in your kitchen. The screen features a number of cool features including a recipe book allowing you to keep the kitchen paper free, and avoid having to take the laptop in to the “danger zone”.

If you are like me, then cooking in the kitchen requires several trips to the living room to make sure I am adding the right ingredients. This is due to being too afraid to take the laptop near the kitchen as that’s just a disaster waiting to happen. The Pandigital Kitchen LCD Screen will fix this for me so I can cook when needing to, and not have to leave the room. The unit is covered in glass making it waterproof, flour proof any any other sauce type proof (meaning it’s safe to use in the kitchen). It has 1GB of memory and can accept several types of memory card. The resolution see’s the screen running at 1280 x 720 and supposedly it can display HD too (not 1080p though).

On the down side, it doesn’t appear to have any wireless internet which would have made this frame an excellent addition to the kitchen allowing you to stream TV or movies from a central computer in your home rather then faffing around with transferring files to memory cards.

Via: GearCrave


  1. These gadgets need more internal memory for recipes and a wireless connection so that you don’t have to constantly sneaker net your recipes from an SD card. It’s a great start though and is a sleek design.

  2. I would love one of these in my kitchen, it looks really useful.

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