Digital Thermometer Pan

digital-thermoter-panAs I found out last night, sometimes a thermometer is needed when you are heating something up in the kitchen. This Digital Thermometer Pan has put a thermometer right in the pan with an easy to read display on the handle. Had I used one of these last night I probably would have made something decent rather then the burnt mess I had at the end.

The thermometer sits right in the pan and gives the read out to the handle. It is ideal for those who are heating up food in pans where an exact temperature is desired.

Digital Thermometer Pan Features

* 20cm (7.8 inch) diameter Dupont-nonstick skillet
* Thermometer in the pan with readout in the handle
* Shows temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and Celcius (Sorry, no Kelvin!)
* Readout removable for easy cleaning
* Thick-gauge stainless steel exterior for even heat
* Dishwasher safe (by removing the readout)/li>
* Works on direct heat (gas, electric, halogen) and induction cooktops

You can pick up a Digital Thermometer Pan over at ThinkGeek and it costs $49.99.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets


  1. Chris at LG says

    Very clever! I’m surprised no-one’s thought of it before – a better idea than those red spots which I can never seem to get the hang of.

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