Perfect Rice Every Time

For those who eat a lot of rice, it is important to get the consistency right. Nobody wants soft, squidgy rice and likewise, nobody wants hard undercooked rice. A rice maker tends to sort out most of these problems for you if you measure the right quantities. A company named Satake are still not happy that the rice is just right though and have created a rice checking gadget which rates the rice and adjusts it accordingly. Measurements taken include the aroma, flavour, firmness and viscosity. Once the data is gathered the results out of 100 are given. At a hefty 5.775 million Yen from what I understand, that is just short of $55k USD which is about 54.9K more then I would be willing to spend on perfect rice. Clearly this is aimed at large producers rather then those who eat it.

Via: kilian-nakamura

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