The Musical Kettle

Musical-KettleThe Musical Kettle now ranks as one of the most bizzare kitchen gadgets you will find. It works just like a normal kettle whistle in that the air pushed through it causes it to make a noise… but in this case the noise can be varied.

The creator says…

I wanted to contribute to the design of daily domestic noises. alarms, mobile phones, a doorbell; he is of the opinion that not enough thought has been given to the noises they produce. The musical kettle is a part of series ‘re-design soundscape’. As the kettle boils it whistles your favorite tune.

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Mario Item Block Fridge Magnet

Mario-BlockWe’ve seen a bunch of fridge magnets recently including some other Mario Fridge Magnets. This new version comes in the form of a Mario Item Block that Mario head-buts to get powerups from in game.

The set includes 1 item block box and a couple of coin magnets to stick it to the fridge. [Read more…]

8-bit Superhero Pixelated Fridge Magnet Set

superhero_pixelated_fridge_magnet_set_fridgeThis ace 8-bit superhero fridge magnet set allows you to build any superhero you want on the front of your fridge. Included in the set are some 1400 pixel magnets that measure half an inch in size.

2 patterns are included in the set that allow you to build for a large or small sized fridge. As it’s a kit of many pieces you are not just restricted to the 2 patterns included. Just let your mind make what ever you want from Donkey Kong to Mario or maybe even Zelda. These are quite possibly the best kitchen gadgets available known to man. [Read more…]

Photoshop Fridge Magnets

Photoshop is a well known product around users of the web. Now you can get your own Fridge version of Photoshop in the way of Photoshop Fridge Magnets. [Read more…]

Mario Magnet Set – Play Mario on your Fridge, Kind of

If you are looking out for some cool kitchen gadgets then these Mario Magnets could easily sway you to buying them. The magnet set allows you to play Mario on your fridge. [Read more…]

Chainsaw Pizza Cutter

chainsaw-pizza-cutterThis Pizza Cutter could be one of the ultimate kitchen gadgets for you to own. It’s not just an ordinary pizza cutter because it’s shaped to be a chainsaw pizza cutter to make lethal and quick cuts to your food.

The cutter should successfully cut through anything you throw at it including more cheese, plenty of meat and a nice thick pizza base. [Read more…]

Handmade Star Trek Drinks Coasters

Here is something for the Star Trek fans out there. A user over at Etsy has created a set of Star Trek drinks coasters. Each coaster is made of slate and is hand crafted to feature the Star Trek logo carved in to them.

The coasters measure 4×4 inches and are a chunky half an inch thick. 4 coasters are provided in each set. [Read more…]

Rubiks Cube Salt and Pepper Shakers

These set of salt and pepper shakers are built in the shape of a Rubiks cube. I think they look great and would be a talking point on any dinner table. [Read more…]

Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Digital Recipe Reader

demyThe Demy is a digital recipe reader designed to go in your kitchen. It has a high resolution touch-screen interface that allows you to flick through 250 pre-loaded recipes.

The source of information for the Demy comes from Up to 10000 recipes can be stored with 5000 of those containing pictures. When you get the device you set up a free Key Ingredient account which allows you to browse the website, click on the recipes you like and hit a button to add them to your account. You then connect up the Demy to your laptop or PC/Mac with a USB cable and download the saved recipes to your Demy. [Read more…]

Shuriken Fridge Magnets

shuriken-magnetsFridge magnets normally come in the shape of letters or just standard circles. These fridge magnets are far better as they are shaped like ninja stars. [Read more…]

Roberts Under-Kitchen DAB Radio

roberts-under-counter-dab-kitchen-radioRoberts have created a new DAB radio that installs under your kitchen cupboards. [Read more…]

Milk Glass LED Lamp

milk-glass-led-lampThis LED lamp is made out of a regular type glass. When upright, the LED light is on and when put on it’s side or stored upside down the LED lamp switches off automatically. [Read more…]