Audiovox Homebase Fridge Whiteboard with LCD

Audiovox has created an interesting fridge pen boards. However, it isnt just a plain old white board which you write on. This one has a 7″ screen embedded which gives it audio and visual capabilities. Built in to the audiovox homebase is a mic and small camera which allows you to leave short video or audio messages on it’s 512MB of built in memory. If 512 is not enough then you can use your own flash drive as an alternative. The callendar function allows you to set messages to display at certain times of the year, suuch as a birthday message for your wife, or child.

Available on US mothers day it will cost $149 for the audio only unit, with an extra $50 getting you the video version.

Via: Inventorspot


  1. I think the video version is great as you can leave quick messages instead of having to write it down.

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