Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Digital Recipe Reader

demyThe Demy is a digital recipe reader designed to go in your kitchen. It has a high resolution touch-screen interface that allows you to flick through 250 pre-loaded recipes.

The source of information for the Demy comes from Up to 10000 recipes can be stored with 5000 of those containing pictures. When you get the device you set up a free Key Ingredient account which allows you to browse the website, click on the recipes you like and hit a button to add them to your account. You then connect up the Demy to your laptop or PC/Mac with a USB cable and download the saved recipes to your Demy.

The Demy is designed to be rugged and handle the spills of ingredients that are commonly found around a busy kitchen. There is no requirement to clean your hands of food stains before use either as it just wipes off with a damp cloth. Built in timers are also included as well as weight converters making it easier for you to measure just the right amounts you need.

Demy Digital Recipe Reader Features

* Kitchen safe touchscreen recipe reader that holds your personal recipe collection in one compact sleek device that is easy to use and clean
* The Demy is powered by, the best site on the Internet for you to find, create, share and collect your recipes
* The Demy unit comes with 250 recipes pre-loaded and has the capacity to hold 2,500 recipes
* Each time you find a new recipe on line simply save your recipe to your free Key Ingredient account and the Demy will sync all of your recipes via the included USB cable automatically
* The Demy features tools that cooks need such as built in timers and a conversion calculator perfect for making sense of international measurements

Available from Amazon. Via: OhGizmo

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