The Only Adjustable Incline Inflatable Bed

Adjustable-Incline-Inflatable-Air-BedThis air bed has an advantage over all the rest in the world as it’s claim to fame is that it’s the ONLY Adjustable Incline Inflatable Bed.

The air bed has a standard bed height of 22″ making it easy to get on and off of. It can take up to 450lbs in weight and it’s main feature is that it can elevate your head and shoulders to any desired height allowing you to watch TV, play video games or read with just the touch of a button.

An air pump is built in that inflates the bed when connected to an AC power supply with in 4 minutes. The same pump is also responsible for deflating the bed when needed.

The bed claims to be more stable then your average inflatable bed too as it uses a flex coil construction that prevents it wobbling around.

The bed measures 80″ in length, 60″ wide and 22″ in height when inflated which shrinks down to just 22″ length, 17.5″ width and 11.5″ in depth with a weight of just 38 lbs.

If you want to elevate your legs too while in bed then another version is available which weighs a bit more at 45lbs and can elevate both legs and head if needed. This bed measures the same in dimensions as the other one.

Available from Hammacher costing $199.95 for the head elevating bed and $249.95 for the head and legs version.

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