The Only Interactive Personal Trainer System

Yesterday we wrote about Hammacher’s “only inflatable adjustable bed“. Today it’s time for the “Only” interactive Personal Trainer System which caught my attention as it costs a hefty $16000 USD.

The interactive personal trainer system is designed to help you get fit. It has a 17″ LCD monitor which shows professionals demonstrating correct exercise routines and also it can connect to the internet to download extra routines for you to follow.

Hammacher say it “eliminates the need for a gym membership” although with my very rough calculations it will take around 26 years worth of gym membership fee’s to pay for it’s self. But, the upside is that you do get to exercise without leaving your home.

A library of 120 movements is included and can be selected from the screen. You first select the movement you want and then the LCD screen shows what you have been working on before, what weights you were lifting etc… and gradually increases the weights to help you achieve more.

The LCD is touchscreen that allows you to navigate through easy menus.

Check out the full details of this $16000 beast at Hammacher.

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