AllPlugs Provides Power Anywhere in your Room

allsocketThe average home in the US/UK is jam packed full of electronics. Just under my TV I have a Playstation, V+ box, External HDD, Vonage router, wireless router, cable modem and cordless phone charger. Behind the TV the wires are just crazy and although I set them up neatly, they somehow manage to tangle.

AllPlugs is a device which aims to tackle 2 problems. 1st, unless you use a bunch of power strips then you’ll probably be short of wall sockets, and secondly, you still have a bunch of wires around the living room that you really don’t want to see. AllPlugs tackles this problem by creating a skirting board system where you can attach power sockets anywhere along it. Behind the skirting it is possible to store all the excess cables providing just the correct length to get to your TV etc…

The system also has a master socket and when the attached gadget is switched off, a signal is sent to all other sockets and all of them switch their appliances off too. Also, a wireless master switch can also be used to remotely switch off everything at the same time.

A fantastic idea. Be sure to watch the video below to see the concept in action.




  1. Chris - LG Blog UK says

    I thought, just for one second, you were announcing wireless electricity for a second there.


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