Cash Stash Keychain

Cash-Stash-Key-ChainThe Cash Stash Keychain is a gadget that allows you to store cash on your keyring. The device lets you store a £20 note to be used as emergency funds when needed so that making an unnecessary trip to the cash point is not needed.

Simple but ludicrously smart, this unobtrusive little keyring-friendly doodah has been created to store emergency funds. Simply unscrew the capsule, wrap your note around its internal stainless steel CashClip and hey presto a secret stash of emergency cash. Assuming you don’t lose your keys you’ll never get caught short again.

The downside is that the name makes you think you can stash a ton of cash inside, but really it’s just a single £20 note. On the plus side it is waterproof so that if you drop your keys in water or “fall 39000ft in to the sea as firebox put it” your money will be safe.

* Aircraft Grade Aluminium Capsule
* Stainless Steel CashClip
* Waterproof ˜O’ Ring
* 10mm Split Ring
* Key-ring Attachment

* Approximately 4.5cm (L) x 1.5cm (W) x 1.5cm (D)

Available from Firebox for £4.99.

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