iChime Programmable Doorbell

The iChime Programmable Doorbell lets you get rid of the traditional “ding dong” sound and replace it with whatever you want.

The iChime comes supplied with several pre-programmed noises, but also allows you to upload six of your own noises that could come from a CD, MP3 file or even recorded audio in another format.

The programmable doorbell costs $89.99 for the main doorbell and speaker and you can pay another $19.99 if you wish to pick up a second speaker for the system to move the sound to other parts of your home.

List of Doorbell Ideas

Note that these are all ThinkGeeks ideas where you can get the doorbell from…
o Jean-Luc Picard’s door chimes from Star Trek TNG
o The fanfare from Legend of Zelda when Link acquires a new item
o Hallelujah Chorus (for when the pizza guy FINALLY arrives!)
o Record your voice saying, “Mom, someone’s at the door!” (Best to do only if your Mom actually misses having you around.)
o Imperial March
o Mount the speaker at the window and have it say, “GO AWAY!” (For recluses or those who only attract solicitors.)
o Ferriss Bueller’s automated doorbell
o Spooky deep knocking sound with lots of reverb
o Air raid sirens
o Mac startup sound
o TiVo bloo-bloop
o Barking dog (preferably a big scary one)
o Lurch greeting
o Jeeves greeting
o *knock-knock-knock* (Name), *knock-knock-knock* (Name), *knock-knock-knock* (Name)…
o Wolowitz’s mom yelling “THERE’S SOMEONE AT THE DOOR!”

Available from ThinkGeek.

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