Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum Demoed at CES

We first mentioned the Neato XV-11 robot vacuum about a month ago and were impressed with what we saw in the press details. What makes the XV-11 stand out from other robot vacuums is that it uses lasers to track obstacles and walls within the room it is cleaning allowing to to more precisely work around the room without bouncing off furniture. Also the cleaner uses a more accurate cleaning pattern that allows it to cover the floor just once rather than several times. This speeds up the cleaning cycle allowing batteries to be kept for cleaning other rooms.

OhGizmo were able to get a demo of the XV-11 at CES with a quick demonstration of how it works around a room. I have to say it looks a little slower than the Roomba, but if it only needs to cover the floor once then perhaps the overall time will be a lot quicker.

The XV-11 uses one brush to sweep dirt in to the vacuum and somehow manages to prevent hairs, cotton and other random things getting tangled in it.

The Neato XV-11 will be made available in March and cost $399 when launched.

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