Gran Turismo 5 Review Roundup

After a number of years waiting, Gran Turismo 5 has finally launched. Reviews have been positive of the game although there are some problems to be found. Problems we have been hearing, and from our own testing of the game, relates to some of the cars not being finished. Some look amazing inside while others look like they come from an older version of the game. Shadows are also not strong point with lots of jaggedy edges. Other than that, and perhaps a point raised in one review about originality, all looks to be fantastic with the game.

We have created this Gran Turismo review roundup to highlight the best reviews from some of the most respected blogs and review sites around the world. All go in depth with their reviews, so it would be worth you having a good scan through the list to see what they think of the game.

First up is Total Video Games whos review finishes with…

With this fifth full instalment in the series, Gran Turismo manages to hold onto its legacy of genre dominating driving sims, but only just. If and when Gran Turismo 6 arrives on the PS3, Polyphony Digital might have to look at bringing more innovation to the series if it wants to pull as far ahead of the chasing pack as it once was.

Next up is the Gran Turismo 5 review from Joystiq who give the game a respectable 4 out of 5 stars.

IGN’s report of the game can be found over here.

Finally we move on to EuroGamer, The Guardian (another 4/5 stars), CVG, T3 and 1Up.

Have a good read and let us know if you are buying the long awaited game!

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