Gran Turismo 5 Installed to SSD Speeds Up Load Times

One way that you can increase the load speed of Gran Turismo 5 is by installing it to an SSD drive on your PlayStation 3. Some tests were performed with various configurations that revealed load times could be cut in half (from about 40 seconds) right down to about 20 seconds in some cases.

The problem here is for people with a slim Playstation 3. Unfortunately, this isn’t for you. However, if you still own an older fat Playstation 3, then switching out the hard drive for an SSD will help things move along more swiftly.

The particular SSD used for this test was a Corsair F120 that costs $234.99 and has a 120GB capacity.

Although we see test results and benchmark results showing that SSD is faster, it’s also good to see what it can actually do on a real game rather than just shifting a few hundred meg around. In this case, it pretty much halfs the load times as seen on the chart below.

Via: CrunchGear and Beyond3D

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