Fable 3 DLC Detailed

Microsoft have announced the first DLC to be made available to Fable’s third instalment named the Understone Quest Pack. With this new DLC you’ll have the opportunity to buy new properties such as houses and new shops.

The main quest known as “The Voice”, will have you exploring an a new land found deep underground which was built by a Mr Montague Hummes in trying to hide from the “Spire” noted previously in Fable 2. 

You’ll eventually discover the origin of the mysterious voice that controls the inhabitants of Understone and to keep in tune with the morally ambiguous side of Fable 3, you’ll have to make a decision which will drastically change how the rest of the world will get to see the underground civilisation.

Along with the main quest, you will also be able to take part in the Shooting Range which can be found at a tourist attraction which was converted from the mercenaries camp where you defeated Saker. If you beat the various high scores you’ll be able to get your hands on some prizes including the Marksman 500 which you get for free as you’ve downloaded the quest pack, Money Shot and Black Dragon for first place.

Lastly, after Reaver leaves his mansion, you’ll get to have a play with The Wheel of Misfortune which is a game that was set up by the owner for players to replay arena challenges again with high scores winning prizes such as The Full Monty (again given to you for free as you’ve downloaded the pack), Dirty Harriet and Dead Ned’s Revolver.

To go with all this, Lionhead will also be releasing be releasing the Exclusive Hair Pack for 160 Microsoft Points and a 5 Star Dog Potion 80 Microsoft Points.

As far as release details go, you’ll get to download the Understone Quest Pack from Xbox LIVE for 400 Microsoft Points on November 23rd.


  1. Sweet! But I was really hoping for a new dog breed potion, cause to be honest the ones they give us kinda suck. Great game though, looking forward to the DLC.

  2. I kinda hope they bring out more dlc’s, understone was cool and reminded me of fallout three but it didn’t have the same coolness as ‘see the future’ or ‘knothole island’ in fable 2. It’s still early days I suppose…

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