The Pedomostick

pedoThe Pedomostick is a gadget that has 2 functions. The first one is that it’s a regular walking stick and the second function is that it counts each and everyone of your steps as you walk.

The stick is capable of tallying your footsteps, calculates calories burned, measures distance walked and tracks the time you have spent walking.

An LCD screen is built in to the handle that allows you to flick through each of the reports so you know exactly how you are doing. For safety reasons an LED flashlight is built in to the shaft that flashes while you walk to warn drivers and others of your presence.

The Pedomostick is made of aluminium and a rubber base is attached to the bottom making it more stable while walking. To allow for people of various heights the pefomostick is also telescopic and can squash down to 37″ and stretch out to 52″ with 8 different heights in total.

The Pedomostick costs $99.99 from Hammacher.

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