Animated Ominous Eyes

These cool looking eyes Animated-Ominous-EyesThe cool eyes are called the Animated Ominous Eyes and are illuminated to provide a sinister gaze as visitors come to your house at night. The eyes also blink to add to the eerie effect.

The eyes adhere to a window with the built-in suction cups, set up in your yard with the included lawn stakes, or hang in bushes, and can be set to blink slowly or project a fixed, ominous stare. Using electroluminescent technology (the same backlighting used in automotive instrument panels), the pupils and eyelids project a bright red glow that is clearly visible day or night.

As the Ominous Eyes use no LED’s or light bulbs the only items you will need to replace are the 3 AAA batteries.

Available from Hammacher costing $39.95. Via: Foolish Gadgets

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