Get 50GB of Dropbox storage when buying a Galaxy Note II or Galaxy Camera

Dropbox is giving new Galaxy Note II or Galaxy Camera owners 50GB of free storage for two years. To activate it, you will simply need to log on to Dropbox from your new Samsung device (when they launch).

Dropbox often runs similar promotions with various manufacturers. HTC devices have also received upgraded Dropbox accounts in the past. One of the easier promotions ran earlier this year where you could simply connect up your phone to your computer and if you accept the prompt from Dropbox to upload your pictures to Dropbox, you got up to 6GB extra of free storage.

Dropbox has become a well known provider of cloud services for distributing files around your devices. It is common to upload all documents, media and various other files to the service so that they can be accessed from an Android or iOS device as well as install the desktop software so that anything you edit at home is stored online. Dropbox also recently announced that they have enabled two-step authentication to make using the service far more secure.

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