iPhone 5 event announced for September 12 by Apple

Apple has sent out invites to a press event which will be held on September 12. As seen in the image below, the phrase “It’s almost here.” is used along with a 12 although the shadow is a number 5 which strongly hints at Apple calling the new phone, assuming it is a phone that is announced, an iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 or new iPhone will be the 6th generation smartphone from Apple. The first launched in 2007 and was followed by the iPhone 3G then on to the 3GS, 4, 4S and now on to the 5.

New features expected includes a taller screen which will have the same pixel density as the 4 and 4S give or take a few pixels. The device we have seen in leaks looks to be very similar in design to previous generations in that it has a metal band around the edges although it is believed that the back will be metal with glass at the top and bottom rather than just all glass. The leaked device also looks a little thinner.

Apple might add NFC although this is still in question as NFC requires a large area that doesn’t block the signals. If the iPhone 5 has a metal back then this might put NFC out of the question. I expect the camera will have a bump in specs, perhaps to 12 megapixels… perhaps the 12 indicates that? although lets not push the speculation too far here as that can border in to silliness sometimes.

We’ll have all the details next week when the device is announced at 6pm UK time.

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