iOS 6 video demonstation of all new features

Redmondpie has been very helpful by putting together a video of all the new features to be found in iOS 6. The demonstration shows both the iPad running iOS 6 and an iPhone running the new operating system. The iPhone is a 4S while the iPad is an iPad 3 (or the new iPad as it’s officially known as).

If you decide it is time to download and install the update, just remember that this new version of iOS drops Google Maps (as well as YouTube) from both the iPad and the iPhone. Although Google Maps has been replaced with Apple Maps, Apples version of Maps has come under some criticism due to problems with some towns being listed wrong. It also has Street View missing now as this was a Google Maps feature. As for the YouTube app, you can now pick it up from the App Store if you run an iPhone. The new version is far better than the previous version that ran on older versions of iOS.

The video is embedded just below:

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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