Windows Phone 8 release date revealed

Although not official details, ZDNet has been told by an anonymous source at Microsoft that the Windows Phone 8 release date will be October 29. This date is a few days after the launch of Windows 8 and when Windows Phone 8 arrives a few days later although this is specifically talking about the announcement rather than handset availability.

Actual Windows Phone 8 launches are believed to begin in early November at various locations on various networks although AT&T is believed to be the initial carrier. The launch on October 29 is believed to be going ahead somewhere on the west coast of the US although no specific announcements about a venue have been confirmed.

So, expect to be able to pick up a Samsung ATIV S or similar device early in November after the launch event on October 29. This is just in time for the Christmas season which should also help with sales for the device.

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