55 Inch Glasses-Free TV 3D LCD TV Goes On Show

Samsung has created a 55 inch 3D TV that requires no glasses to see the effect. The screen is LCD and uses CFL backlighting although LED can be used. Samsung say it’s quite easy to switch between the two at the build stage.

The display uses a couple of LCD screens to make the 3D effect and has 9 viewpoints that are capable of seeing the effect. The optimal viewing distance is 2.5 to 6 meters from what reports are saying. The screens work together in that one is behind the other. The latter of the screens acts as a lens and creates the necessary optical refraction to make 2D to 3D transitions. [Read more…]

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Gets Quick Hands On

To complement the announcement of the new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, the company has now pushed out a hands on video of the new device which shows off the features and what it is capable of doing.

A few things to note include the new sliding mechanism that’s described in the video. T-Mobile decided to keep a lot of the physical aspects the same as the previous version, in that it has four buttons around the screen as well as a 5 row QWERTY keyboard and the slide out screen. [Read more…]

Internet Explorer 9 Hits 2.3 Million Downloads in 24 Hours

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 on Monday evening. Within the first 24 hours, the new browser had been downloaded 2.35 million times which works out at 27 downloads per second for that period of time.

To make a comparison with the beta version, Microsoft commented that IE9 when launched in beta was downloaded 1 million times within the first 24 hours which makes the 2.35 million a step up in the right direction. [Read more…]

Google Search App for iPhone and iPad Updated

Google has updated the Google Search app for iOS based devices. The app is compatible with both the iPad and the iPhone (as well as iPod touch).

The new update enhances the user interface and brings fast-app switching to the app. As well as fast app switching, Google has also introduces a swipe system in that you can swipe to the right to pull out the sidebar and narrow down your search a little more. A swipe from the top of the screen downwards, reveals the login and account details. [Read more…]

MacBook Pro Specifications Leaked

We’re perhaps just an hour away from finding out what the new MacBook Pro’s will bring. What we have found out though, is that the specs have actually already leaked.

Five new MacBook Pro SKU’s are expected which includes two with 13 inch screens, two 15.4 inch models and a 17 inch model. The leak also shows that the 17 inch model will have an Intel Quad-Core CPU (an i7) running at 2.2 GHz. It will also have 4GB RAM and a 750GB hard drive. The graphics will be powered by a Radeon HD 6750 1GB GPU. [Read more…]

Windows 8 for Tablets Could be Demoed in September

Windows 8 will likely release in the summer of 2012, but we could see the first beta version of it arrive September 2011 thanks to a road-map that has leaked. Although the specific date is not mentioned on the road map, what we do see is that the M3 coding is about to begin.

This means that the M2 milestone phase is about finished and when M3 is complete a beta could roll out, followed a few months later, perhaps at CES, with another beta and then on to the final product around the summer of 2012.

[Read more…]

Motorola Xoom Coming to Major UK Retailers

The Motorola Xoom is launching in the UK in the second quarter of this year. We now learn that major retailers will be selling the new Android 3.0 tablet when it launches.

The retailers include PC World, Currys/Dixons as well as the Carphone Warehouse. [Read more…]

Differences Between CDMA and GSM iPhone Call Settings Detailed

Although there aren’t many differences between the iPhone on Verizon when compared to the AT&T GSM model, there are a few subtle differences in how they work.

The first is quite a major difference in that conference calls are restricted to just 3 people on the Verizon model. This number includes your self. For business users, this could kill the deal as oft times, they need to talk to multiple people. Also, the Verizon iPhone doesn’t allow you to break off to private calls like the AT&T model does. When using the Verizon model you are either conferenced to someone else, or you hang up on someone else. AT&T gives the option to separate calls and hangup on 1 person at a time. [Read more…]

Three iPhone Prototypes Being Researched by Apple

Filed under unlikely, we hear rumors today that Apple is looking at three prototype versions of the iPhone 5. We have already heard about two of them which include the iPhone mini that has a 2.5 inch screen. The next model I believe is the regular iPhone 5 with a 3.5 inch screen, although other rumors hint at this model having a slightly larger 4 inch screen.

Finally, Apple are rumored to be testing an iPhone with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. This is the part of the rumor that I find most unlikely as it would be a major departure from the regular virtual keyboard that has been on every single iPhone since launch. [Read more…]

iPad 2 Could Switch from IPS to PLS Display

Although we’ve heard that the iPad 2 wont have a Retina Display, we now hear that the screen technology behind the next gen iPad could be enhanced. The current model uses what is called IPS which means In Plane Switching. What this does is allows for wide viewing angles and a generally clear display.

We now hear that the iPad 2 will start to use PLS screen technology instead. PLS means Plane to Line Switching which offers even further clarity and even wider viewing angles.

The actual PLS technology supposedly being used is Super PLS which was first unveiled by Samsung a few months ago. [Read more…]

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Release Date is Feb 22

On February, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 will be released for public download. As well as the new service pack being made available for Windows 7 users, it is also available for Windows Server 2008 R2 users.

To get the update you need to either just wait for Microsoft to promt you that it’s available, or you can load up the Windows Update and manually check for it after the 22nd February. [Read more…]

Google Chrome Takes 10 Percent Browser Share

The Google Chrome browser is growing in market share recently and now accounts for 10 percent share of the browser market last month.

On the other side of the scale, Internet Explorer from Microsoft is still sliding and has dropped to 56 percent and although that’s still an impressive share of the market, the fact that it’s sliding is something for Microsoft to be concerned about. One thing to note though is that Internet Explorer 9 will also be launching soon which from what we have seen of the browser, could make Microsoft start to gain traction again. [Read more…]