Google Search App for iPhone and iPad Updated

Google has updated the Google Search app for iOS based devices. The app is compatible with both the iPad and the iPhone (as well as iPod touch).

The new update enhances the user interface and brings fast-app switching to the app. As well as fast app switching, Google has also introduces a swipe system in that you can swipe to the right to pull out the sidebar and narrow down your search a little more. A swipe from the top of the screen downwards, reveals the login and account details.

Other features from the previous version include Google Goggles, Voice Search, My Location as well as search suggest, URL suggestions and search history.

Overall, the app does what it says when I tested. Swiping right or down smoothly brings out the menus as and when needed.

You can grab the update now by visiting the App store on your device, or checking for available updates in iTunes.

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