iPad 2 Could Switch from IPS to PLS Display

Although we’ve heard that the iPad 2 wont have a Retina Display, we now hear that the screen technology behind the next gen iPad could be enhanced. The current model uses what is called IPS which means In Plane Switching. What this does is allows for wide viewing angles and a generally clear display.

We now hear that the iPad 2 will start to use PLS screen technology instead. PLS means Plane to Line Switching which offers even further clarity and even wider viewing angles.

The actual PLS technology supposedly being used is Super PLS which was first unveiled by Samsung a few months ago.

As for the iPad 2 and screen resolution. Expect it to have the same 1024 x 786 pixels that the current model does, but if SPLS is added, then it will look that little bit clearer. The PLS technology might be held back for a future model though AKA 3rd gen model.

We don’t know the official details just yet, but expect that Apple will make the announcement of the iPad 2 in the next few weeks in preparation for a late March or early April launch.

Via: Apple Insider

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