55 Inch Glasses-Free TV 3D LCD TV Goes On Show

Samsung has created a 55 inch 3D TV that requires no glasses to see the effect. The screen is LCD and uses CFL backlighting although LED can be used. Samsung say it’s quite easy to switch between the two at the build stage.

The display uses a couple of LCD screens to make the 3D effect and has 9 viewpoints that are capable of seeing the effect. The optimal viewing distance is 2.5 to 6 meters from what reports are saying. The screens work together in that one is behind the other. The latter of the screens acts as a lens and creates the necessary optical refraction to make 2D to 3D transitions.

The downside is that this particular screen, or technology used, will not be launching for about another three years. We suspect pricing has something to do with it as well as wanting to fine tune the viewpoints to make the screen more accessible.

In our opinion, glasses free is the way forwards with 3D although there’s obvious obstacles that need to be overcome such as pricing and the limitations of 9 viewpoints on this particular screen.

With a launch being potentially 3 years away, we’ll keep an eye on things although we probably wont hear much for a little while.

As for other technical specs of the screen on show (pictured below), it has a 4000:1 contrast ratio and 400cd/m2 brightness. No pricing is available due to it not being launched.

Finally, when you use the TV in 2D mode, it can switch to being a Smart TV.

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