Google Chrome Takes 10 Percent Browser Share

The Google Chrome browser is growing in market share recently and now accounts for 10 percent share of the browser market last month.

On the other side of the scale, Internet Explorer from Microsoft is still sliding and has dropped to 56 percent and although that’s still an impressive share of the market, the fact that it’s sliding is something for Microsoft to be concerned about. One thing to note though is that Internet Explorer 9 will also be launching soon which from what we have seen of the browser, could make Microsoft start to gain traction again.

Firefox is the second most popular browser at the moment but last months numbers reveal that it held on to the same 22 percent market share for seven months in a row now.

As with Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4 is also around the corner and also expects to change that. It’s difficult to predict at the moment who is going to continue to grow.

Expect to see some interesting results when the next batch are run. As for who is winning at the moment, it appears if comparing growth rate, that belongs to Google although they still are more than 5 times smaller than Internet Explorer at the moment.

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