Windows 8 for Tablets Could be Demoed in September

Windows 8 will likely release in the summer of 2012, but we could see the first beta version of it arrive September 2011 thanks to a road-map that has leaked. Although the specific date is not mentioned on the road map, what we do see is that the M3 coding is about to begin.

This means that the M2 milestone phase is about finished and when M3 is complete a beta could roll out, followed a few months later, perhaps at CES, with another beta and then on to the final product around the summer of 2012.

This particular version will be aimed at the tablet form factor, which at the moment, Microsoft is lagging behind the likes of iOS and Android. To get back in the game, they’ll need to get Windows 8 for tablets just right.

At the moment, Microsoft is not commenting on the status of Windows 8 which in fairness it can be expected to be this way.

Source: ZDNet

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