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6.2.1 Kindle Fire Update Breaks Root

The Amazon Kindle Fire was a relatively easy device to root. All that was required was the SuperOneClick utility that rooted the device which in turn, allowed the Kindle Fire to have custom firmware such as CyanogenMod installed on it. Each time an update arrived it unrooted the device, but after running SuperOneClick it was rooted again. This has changed though. Amazon has just released the 6.2.1 firmware update for the Fire which interestingly blocks the SuperOneClick software from working.

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Nokia Lumia 800 Problems Acknowledged by Nokia – Fix Coming Soon

Nokia has announced that it will be launching an update in January for the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone. The update will attempt to fix the battery bug that has been limiting the life of the device between charges.

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Samsung Galaxy S II and Note to Get Ice Cream Sandwich Update Q1 2012

Samsung has confirmed that a number of Galaxy smartphones will be getting the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update in 2012. The first two devices confirmed for the update in Q1 next year are the Galaxy S 2 and the Galaxy Note. Other devices will follow shortly after.

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Facebook Update for iPhone brings Timeline Access

Facebook has released an update for the iPhone and iPad. For those on the iPhone, you now get access to Timeline. iPad users will get it in the near future according to the notes on the iTunes store.

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Apple Releases a new iOS 5.0.1 Build for the iPhone 4S

A new iOS 5.0.1 update has been made available for download for those with an iPhone 4S. You’ll probably be aware that Apple has already released the 5.0.1 update just a few weeks ago. This new version has just a few tweaks and is available for those who haven’t updated to 5.0.1 just yet.

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New Information Hints at a 7.85 Inch iPad mini for Q4 2012 Launch

Apple could be planning to launch a smaller iPad in time for Christmas 2012. This new iPad would follow along from the iPad 3 that is expected in April. The difference will be the screensize of 7.85 inches as opposed to the regular 9.7 inch iPad screen we see on the yearly generation changes.

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Facebook Timeline Now Available

Last week, Facebook launched Timeline in New Zealand. The reason New Zealand was first to get the new update was that the country speaks English and provides enough data for Facebook to test that all works well.

We now see that Facebook has rolled out Timeline to the rest of the world.

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xPrintServer Solves the Lack of Printers Supported by Apple for the iPad and iPhone

We like the idea of AirPrint and the ability to print wirelessly from the iPad or iPhone to a wireless printer. The problem is that not all printers are compatible. To get AirPrint working you need to choose one of the supported printers.

For those that don’t want to replace a printer just so it works with AirPrint, there is another way. The xPrintServer allows you to connect it up to a printer and then print wirelessly to a printer.

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New Xperia Phones to be Announced at CES 2012

CES 2012 is just weeks away. Sony has announced that it will be unveiling some new Xperia smartphones at the show in a launch event it is holding.

As per the invitation below, the event is being held on Monday 9th Jan at 5pm at the Sony booth.

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Apple MacBook Pro with 2880×1800 Resolution Rumoured for Q2 2012

A report today indicates that Apple could be in the process of creating a new MacBook Pro for 2012. This is pretty much a given although we hear that this new range of MacBook Pros will have higher resolutions of up to 2880×1800 pixels.

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Microsoft Offering Free Windows Phones to Disgruntled Android Users

Microsoft [MSFT] is using Twitter to promote Windows Phone in a slightly different way. Rather than selling the benefits of the Microsoft smartphone operating system, they are focussing on the bad of Android and some recent malware issues it has had.

Microsoft is replying to messages from angry Android users offering them one of five free smartphones that it is giving away as part of a competition.

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Rent an iPhone from O2

O2 has launched a new leasing system for the iPhone. The company now allows you to rent an iPhone 4S on a 12 month contract for £55/month. At the end of the contract you post the phone back to O2.

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