Apple Releases a new iOS 5.0.1 Build for the iPhone 4S

A new iOS 5.0.1 update has been made available for download for those with an iPhone 4S. You’ll probably be aware that Apple has already released the 5.0.1 update just a few weeks ago. This new version has just a few tweaks and is available for those who haven’t updated to 5.0.1 just yet.

No visible changes have been found in the new update which indicates that Apple [AAPL] is releasing it to prepare for new devices shipping to new countries, or perhaps paving the way towards the new iOS 5.1 update that is expected in the next few days or weeks.

As well as launching the update again for the iPhone 4S, Apple has also released a new Apple TV update numbered 4.4.4 or build 9A406a. This does make a few changes to the Apple TV which includes some small bug fixes as well as changes to make the system a little more stable. Other than the stability and performance changes being made in iOS 4.4.4, there are no other changes in this update.


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