6.2.1 Kindle Fire Update Breaks Root

The Amazon Kindle Fire was a relatively easy device to root. All that was required was the SuperOneClick utility that rooted the device which in turn, allowed the Kindle Fire to have custom firmware such as CyanogenMod installed on it. Each time an update arrived it unrooted the device, but after running SuperOneClick it was rooted again. This has changed though. Amazon has just released the 6.2.1 firmware update for the Fire which interestingly blocks the SuperOneClick software from working.

Amazon uses an automatic update procedure which means that as soon as you connect to a wireless network the download will commence and the update process will automatically run. To prevent this you’ll need to switch off wifi and then follow the instructions over on Liliputing to root the device. Unfortunately there is no way around for those who have been already automatically updated to 6.2.1, but if you are lucky enough to not be on there then follow the instructions at the link above which will also show you how to prevent automatic updates in the future.

We suspect that the folks at XDA developers will find a way around the blocking of SuperOneClick, so hang on for a bit longer.

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