Apple MacBook Pro with 2880×1800 Resolution Rumoured for Q2 2012

A report today indicates that Apple could be in the process of creating a new MacBook Pro for 2012. This is pretty much a given although we hear that this new range of MacBook Pros will have higher resolutions of up to 2880×1800 pixels.

The reason for bringing more pixels to the laptop is related to Apple wanting to differentiate from other laptop makers. In general, laptops use the same processors, memory, storage as any other laptop but what makes them different is the OS and design. If Apple were to add an even higher resolution display it will be another way to make it differ from the rest.

If Apple manage to squash that many pixels in to the 13 inch model then the screen will have a density of 261ppi which is still a little lower than the Retina display, but higher than other laptops. The 15 inch model would be 226ppi and the 17 inch 200ppi.

Apple could possibly aim for a similar PPI across the board and keep the higher resolutions to the larger screens. All is unknown at the moment and with an estimated release date of Q2 2012, it’s still 3 or 4 months before we might get an official announcement.

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