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Nokia N9 Coming in White and Getting a Software Update

Nokia has announced that it is launching a white version of the Nokia N9. Along with a new white N9 launching, Nokia is also about to push out a new software update to the device.

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Gorilla Glass Not Used on Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

Corning has confirmed that its Gorilla Glass is not used on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

For all who have asked, just confirmed @Corning Gorilla® Glass is not on the new Galaxy Nexus. For further details please contact Samsung.

The official answer was given in a tweet which the Corning account sent out a few days ago.

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Nexus S Getting Ice Cream Sandwich Update within Weeks

Good news for those who own a Nexus S smartphone. Google [GOOG] has announced that it will be pushing out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to the device within the next few weeks.

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Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone Announced

Nokia has finally unveiled its first Windows Phone device. It is called the Nokia Lumia 800 and has been dubbed the “first real Windows Phone”.

The new smartphone is similar to the Nokia N9 in design. Inside, it has some decent specs which show a 1.4GHz CPU, 16GB of internal storage and a camera that has an f2.2 aperture that works well with low light.

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Nokia N8 Symbian Anna Update Arrives in the US

The Nokia N8 in the US is beginning to get an update which brings Symbian Anna to the smartphone. Symbian Anna was released a couple of months ago in other countries but now allows US users to also get the new version of the Symbian OS. As well as the Nokia N8 getting the update the C6-01 and the E7 are also getting the new software.

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How the Nokia N9 is Made

The Nokia N9 looks like a fantastic bit of hardware. Knowing this, Nokia has now posted a video on Youtube showing the process by which they make the N9. Although it doesn’t go in to every single detail, it does cover a few of the main key features and how the device is put together.

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The Gadget Show Battlefield 3 FPS Gaming Simulator Demonstration

Last night The Gadget Show in the UK revealed a unique simulator that allows users to be fully immersed in the first person shooter game Battlefield 3.

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ViewSonic ViewPad 7e Android Tablet Rolls Out for $200

ViewSonic has announced that it will be releasing the ViewPad 7e Android tablet at the end of this month. When launched, it will cost $200.

The technical specs show it has a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen. It runs a 1GHz ARM A8 processor and has 4GB of storage built in. A microSD card slot is included to further boost the amount of data you can save.

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Dropbox Upgrade to 5GB Extended to ALL HTC Android Users

Recently, Dropbox and HTC announced that all new HTC Android smartphones sold would have access to a free 5GB Dropbox account. When we first reported it, the deal was for new customers only and particularly those that were buying HTC Sense 3.5 devices. It seems that this isn’t a restriction any more though.

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TouchFire Screen top Keyboard for iPad

TouchFire is an iPad attachment that aims to make typing on your iPad feel like typing on a real keyboard. It attaches over the top of the landscape keyboard on either the original iPad or the iPad 2 and allows typists to feel where the keys are with the result of making it easier to type quickly.

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Five Generations of iPhone Cameras Compared

If you want to know how the camera in the iPhone has changed since launching in 2007, take a look at the comparison shots below. What we see here are five generations of iPhone cameras which start at the original iPhone and then on to the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and finally the new 4S. It’s quite amazing to see how Apple has managed to improve the quality as much as it has in just a few years.

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Siri Ported to the iPad – Doesn’t Connect to Apple Yet

Although the Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S have a lot of similar technical specs, ie the A5 processor, same amount of RAM etc…, it was only the iPhone 4S that got Siri.

We now see that some jailbreakers have managed to port Siri over to the iPad. The downside (and it’s a large downside) is that Apple isn’t authenticating requests which basically means it doesn’t really work. All the options are available and work the same way as they do on the iPhone 4S, but when it comes to processing speech it stops dead.

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