Gorilla Glass Not Used on Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

Corning has confirmed that its Gorilla Glass is not used on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

For all who have asked, just confirmed @Corning Gorilla® Glass is not on the new Galaxy Nexus. For further details please contact Samsung.

The official answer was given in a tweet which the Corning account sent out a few days ago.

Gorilla Glass has been used on a number of Android smartphones over the last few years. The process by which the glass is made allows it to be extremely strong and generally resistant to scratches. Although the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t use the glass, it is believed that they are still using some kind of hardened glass on the front panel.

We don’t know if the Galaxy Nexus will be prone to scratches, but I’m sure some crazy people will do tests in the next few weeks when it launches to reveal how strong the used glass is.


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