Siri Ported to the iPad – Doesn’t Connect to Apple Yet

Although the Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S have a lot of similar technical specs, ie the A5 processor, same amount of RAM etc…, it was only the iPhone 4S that got Siri.

We now see that some jailbreakers have managed to port Siri over to the iPad. The downside (and it’s a large downside) is that Apple isn’t authenticating requests which basically means it doesn’t really work. All the options are available and work the same way as they do on the iPhone 4S, but when it comes to processing speech it stops dead.

The same thing happened when Siri was ported to the iPhone 4 last week. It loads up but isn’t responsive when giving it instructions.

The actual port pictured above is a first generation iPad which we find interesting. We’re not convinced fully that Siri requires more CPU etc…

The next challenge is to get Apple’s servers to respond to requests from Siri. It is possible to spoof the iPhone 4S from what we understand but we’ll leave the complicated stuff to the devs to sort. I’d actually prefer that Apple just switch Siri on for the iPad and iPhone 4 in an upcoming iOS update.

For those wanting to try it now on the iPad you’re not in luck as the developer hasn’t released it yet. We expect it will stay that way until some functionality is included such as the ability to search Google.


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