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Apple Patent Could See Camera/Mic Remotely Deactivate

Apple has filed a rather unique patent that makes use of infrared transmitters to interact with the iPhone. What the patent shows is an IR sensor installed at a venue and when the camera picks up the sensor, the device can either access information about where a user is, or have features disabled.

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Sony Ericsson Smartphones Get Dropbox Pre-Loaded

Dropbox is a free (and premium) service that allows you to store files from your PC on the web. When installed you get a folder on your desktop and any files that are put in that folder are then synced to the cloud to keep them safe and secure. If you lose your computer or get a drive failure then all you need to do is log back in with Dropbox and all your files are copied back to your PC.

The software works on the PC, Mac and on various smartphones and tablets. We hear today that Sony Ericsson and Dropbox have signed a deal that will see Dropbox pre-installed on a number of smartphones in the future. By using Dropbox on a smartphone, you gain access to your files while on the move.

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iCloud Hinted at Being Free Followed by $25/Year

Just ahead of WWDC2011 that kicks off in the next few days, we are beginning to hear pricing rumours of the new iCloud service. Insiders have hinted at the initial offering being free which will later on be changed to a $25/year pricing plan. It isn’t clear how long the free period will last. It could be a month, 90 days or perhaps even longer.

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Forza 4 to Get Head-Tracking via Kinect

Forza 4 on the XBox will feature head-tracking. The system will work by using the Microsoft Kintect camera to track where a user is looking and with that data, the screen will then adjust to show you what you are looking at. The system is demonstrated in the video below and shows a driver testing a car around a track with it enabled.

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Apple Mac Defender Security Update Bypassed Temporarily

Earlier this week, Apple uploaded a security update that aimed to fix the Mac Defender malware that had been causing problems for some Mac owners over the last few weeks. The update is available through the update services in OS X. When installed, it gets rid of the Mac Defender malware and also scans for variants of it.

Within 8 hours of the security update going live, a new variation of Mac Defender had been created which bypassed the new security restrictions that Apple put in place.

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Windows Phone 7 Mango Update ROM Leaked

The Windows Phone 7.1 Mango ROM has leaked. The leaked ROM is build number 7629 and was grabbed from the SDK emulator image. One problem with it is that it’s not possible to use it on a WP7 smartphone due to it being x86. Details of where to get the build from and what has been found within so far can be found at XDA Developers.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Unveiled

Yesterday at D9, Microsoft unveiled Windows 8. Windows 8 is designed for a range of devices from those that have just a touchscreen and are small (think smartphone/tablet) all the way up to large screen devices with or without a keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft has departed from the usual Windows look and feel in some ways by using a more interactive user interface.

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Google +1 Button Launches

Google first launched the +1 button back in March although this was reserved for search results and ads only. Google has now officially launched the +1 button and has made it available for anyone who wants to add the button to their website.

What the button does is allow you to recommend content to friends and contacts.

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iPad 3G Hack Turns it into a Fully Working Phone

The iPhoneIslam team has recently uploaded a video to Youtube that shows an iPad 3G making voice calls, sending text messages and using FaceTime.

The software hasn’t been launched yet although the team say that it’s coming very soon.

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Motorola Xoom 2 Tablet Details Leaked

Yesterday at PocketNow, some leaked pictures of various smartphones were released. Along with a few mentioned smartphones, details of a Motorola Xoom 2 were released. The Xoom is a honeycomb based tablet that launched earlier this year (pictured below).

The pictures appeared to be accidentally published online by Motorola but were removed shortly after.

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Nintendo DS Lite Price Dropped to $100

Nintendo is dropping the price of the DS Lite in the US. The new suggested retail price is now $99.99 and will go in to effect on June 5th.

Nintendo has also announced that six of its popular titles will feature new packaging to make them stand out a little more on the shelf.

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iWork Apps Now Available for iPhone and iPod touch

The iWork suite of apps have always been available for iPad owners, but never for iPhone or iPod touch users. This has now changed as Apple has finally released versions of the apps that are compatible with both the iPhone and iPod touch.

The new versions went live in the App Store yesterday when the familiar + sign was added to the app which means the single apps are compatible with both the large and smaller screened devices.

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