iCloud Hinted at Being Free Followed by $25/Year

Just ahead of WWDC2011 that kicks off in the next few days, we are beginning to hear pricing rumours of the new iCloud service. Insiders have hinted at the initial offering being free which will later on be changed to a $25/year pricing plan. It isn’t clear how long the free period will last. It could be a month, 90 days or perhaps even longer.

It isn’t known just yet what will be included in iCloud or if iCloud will be part of another service. That means the eventual $25/month charge could be just for music streaming as opposed to the whole MobileMe suite.

The iCloud service is expected to be used for music, video and streaming of that content to your devices.

As well as announcing iCloud at WWDC2011, Steve Jobs will also announce iOS 5 as well as Lion (the next version of OS X). There are some hints that the iPhone 5 (or 4S) might make an appearance, but this will more than likely be announced later this year and break the 1 year cycle due to the Verizon iPhone and White iPhone that launched recently.


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