Apple Patent Could See Camera/Mic Remotely Deactivate

Apple has filed a rather unique patent that makes use of infrared transmitters to interact with the iPhone. What the patent shows is an IR sensor installed at a venue and when the camera picks up the sensor, the device can either access information about where a user is, or have features disabled.

Two suggestions in the patent include a transmitter installed above an item in a museum. When your phone picks up the sensor, it can gather necessary information about what the product is… kind of how some augmented reality systems work.

The second demonstration shows an IR transmitter installed at a concert and when camera phones are pulled out to record at the venue, the camera is deactivated by the IR signal.

This patent will probably not get put to use in the near (or distant) future as it would be too hard to control and get it right. Also, Apple would probably have some problems getting the users to think this is a good idea.


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