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Chrome OS For Notebooks Only for Now

Google will be making Chrome OS available for notebooks only in the beginning. The information comes from Sundar Pichai who said:

Chrome OS is a computer model designed with various form factors in mind, but we are entirely focused on the notebook form factor for now. We have no other plans at this time.

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Nokia Could Create Windows Phone App Store

Nokia is rumoured to be creating an app store for its new smartphones launching later this year. The app store will include Windows Phone 7 apps as well as apps for other platforms that Nokia supports such as S40 and Symbian.

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Mac Defender Security Update Released by Apple

A few weeks ago some malicious software was found to be infecting Max OS X. The software is called Mac Defender and was installed by enticing users in to thinking they had a virus. The Mac Defender program then asked for CC details to get rid of the virus.

Apple has now released an update for OS X that can be downloaded via the software update menu. Once installed, the security update will rid the virus and give a prompt if you are trying to download it again in the future.

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Facebook Closing in on 700,000,000 Users

Facebook continues to grow at an astounding rate. We hear today that the company has almost 700 million users.

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