Sony Ericsson Smartphones Get Dropbox Pre-Loaded

Dropbox is a free (and premium) service that allows you to store files from your PC on the web. When installed you get a folder on your desktop and any files that are put in that folder are then synced to the cloud to keep them safe and secure. If you lose your computer or get a drive failure then all you need to do is log back in with Dropbox and all your files are copied back to your PC.

The software works on the PC, Mac and on various smartphones and tablets. We hear today that Sony Ericsson and Dropbox have signed a deal that will see Dropbox pre-installed on a number of smartphones in the future. By using Dropbox on a smartphone, you gain access to your files while on the move.

By using Dropbox, it helps with the backup process as well. Once files are saved in the folder, they can be easily shared amongst a number of computers allowing you to have all your documents with you at work or on multiple computers in the home.

Although Dropbox is already available on iOS and Android, it makes sense that they sign a deal with SE as it will bring a lot more brand recognition for the company.

When you sign up, you’ll get 2GB although if a Softbank customer then you’ll get an extra 1GB of storage.


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