Verizon Galaxy Tab Drops to $499 Off Contract

Best Buy has discounted the Samsung Galaxy Tab on the Verizon network. The new price brings it down from $599.99 right down to $499.99. This price is for the Samsung Galaxy Tab off contract.

By paying outright for the Galaxy Tab, it allows you to get a cheaper price plan for data as well as not being locked in to a contract long term.

Prices start at $20/month for data (1GB) and are as follows…

* $20/month for 1GB
* $35/month for 3GB
* $50/month for 5GB
* $80/month for 8GB

One thing to note is that when you purchase the Galaxy Tab off contract, for some reason you need to commit to one month. You can then cancel the service if you so wish, or carry it on when you see fit.

Via: Android Central

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