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Sony Ericsson X1 running Android

The Sony Ericsson X1 is normally a Windows Mobile based smartphone, however, this particular X1 has been modified and now runs a version of Android.

The video below gives a demonstration of how the X1 can handle the Google [GOOG] Android operating system. At the moment it isn’t quite up to speed with other Android based devices but mainly this is down to control of the device looking slow (maybe to do with the resistive touchscreen rather than capacitive) which makes gestures and flicks a little harder to achieve. Also the phone doesn’t seem as responsive when transitioning between different menus and functions. In saying that, it isn’t terrible by any means and it does look responsive enough to use. [Read more…]

Ovi Maps Navigation – Over 1 Million Downloads in a Week

Ovi Maps recently just became free allowing navigation to be used around the globe, free of charge. As can be expected, the number of people downloading Ovi Maps jumped substantially and from what Nokia have reported, the software was downloaded over 1 million times within a week. With over a million downloads per week that is almost 2 per second constantly for 24 hours a day.

‘This is great news for our third party application developers. Within a matter of days there is an installed base of more than 1 million active users all potentially hungry for new and innovative location-aware apps Anssi said.

[Read more…]

Apple iPad first of Several? New 15 Inch Model Coming Soon?

We thought that with the official announcement of the Apple iPad last week that it would put an end to all rumours about the iPad. However, we are still hearing several things such as the possibility of the device actually having a webcam built in. This particular rumour started because of an image captured at 9 minutes 9 seconds in to the Apple [AAPL] keynote speech last week where something was spotted in the top bezel of the iPad just above the screen. This small object could be just an ambient light sensor though although interestingly enough, MissionRepair received some iPad spare parts this week which an internal frame has a cut out that just happens to fit a MacBook webcam inside. Perhaps version two of the iPad isn’t far away.

The rumours don’t stop there though as the iPhone OS 3.2 also shows some reference for the iPad camera. A camera is not listed on the official specs although some are saying that the lack of a camera now could be due to a shortage of stock. It will be interesting to see if a webcam is in the line-up when the iPad is launched in a few weeks, but for now we believe it’s just a light sensor in that gap. [Read more…]

Google Chrome OS Tablet Concept

Google have created some concept drawings of Chome OS running on a Tablet style device. The video is more focussed on what the operating system could look like rather than the functions of the tablet it’s self.

The video shows a number of multi-touch features where windows are dragged around as objects and resized according to the needs of the program running. As well as showing various browser windows being dragged around it also shows how the Chrome OS will be able to multi-task where two windows are on display at the same time with data moving between each window. [Read more…]

VisualBoyAdvance hits WebOS

VisualBoyAdvance is a Gameboy/Gameboy Advance emulator for webOS based smartphones. It was first launched just a couple of weeks back on January 14 and since then has managed to almost get to the point of running at 100% speed.

VBA is opensource software that can be used on a number of operating systems with webOS being one of the latest it is being ported to.

Full details on how to get VBA working on webOS can be found on their current wiki page. Details of how to get ROMS is not provided although a quick search should help you track some down. [Read more…]

Want an iPad Now – Make it out of Lego

Apple [AAPL] will have us wait another couple of months to get our hands on an Apple iPad here in the UK, but there is an alternative that you could get now… as long as your happy with it being built of Lego, and not working like an iPad of course.

The whole fake iPad is built of Lego and even has a lego screen that can be replaced to show other images on the device.

It’s kind of a crazy idea if you ask me, but still interesting enough to post here at Gadget Venue. More pictures after the jump. [Read more…]

LG to Mass Produce 20″, 30″ and 40″ OLED TVs

Announcements made recently show that LG intend to start mass producing OLED TV’s over the next few years starting this year with 20 inch screens. Production will then shift to 30 inch in 2011 with 40 inch OLED screens being mass produced in 2010.

The details came from Won Kim who is the vice president in charge of OLED sales and marketing over at LG. [Read more…]

Apple iPad hitting UK in March

Apple [AAPL] have updated their site to show that the iPad will be made available in the UK in March for the wireless version and in April for the wireless/3G model.

Official UK pricing has not been revealed just yet, unlike the US counterpart which starts at $499 for the lowest 16GB wifi option. Don’t get too excited that Apple will follow the exchange rate though and sell it for £312 here in the UK… as with most electronic products we will more than likely see them priced a little higher and more like £399 for the base model. [Read more…]

Nokia N97 Firmware Update Ready for Download

Nokia have just launched a new firmware for the Nokia N97 smartphone. The new firmware ready for download is version

This latest version has been built to fix a number of small bugs and according to Nokia, improves call reliability as well as internet browsing including the kinetic scrolling that can be found in version 20.+.

The firmware is currently available only as a download where you will need to tether your phone to a computer to perform the upgrade. If you want to wait a little longer then Nokia will release the update as an over the air (OTA) update. [Read more…]