VisualBoyAdvance hits WebOS

VisualBoyAdvance is a Gameboy/Gameboy Advance emulator for webOS based smartphones. It was first launched just a couple of weeks back on January 14 and since then has managed to almost get to the point of running at 100% speed.

VBA is opensource software that can be used on a number of operating systems with webOS being one of the latest it is being ported to.

Full details on how to get VBA working on webOS can be found on their current wiki page. Details of how to get ROMS is not provided although a quick search should help you track some down.

As far as we are away every single Gameboy and Gameboy Colour game works 100% although there are some issues with the program crashing under certain circumstances. However, with the progress being made over the last 2 weeks or so you can expect a full uncrashing version soon. Check out the video below to see VBA in action running Mario Kart.

Via: PreCentral

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