Ovi Maps Navigation – Over 1 Million Downloads in a Week

Ovi Maps recently just became free allowing navigation to be used around the globe, free of charge. As can be expected, the number of people downloading Ovi Maps jumped substantially and from what Nokia have reported, the software was downloaded over 1 million times within a week. With over a million downloads per week that is almost 2 per second constantly for 24 hours a day.

‘This is great news for our third party application developers. Within a matter of days there is an installed base of more than 1 million active users all potentially hungry for new and innovative location-aware appsĀ Anssi said.

Nokia Conversations said that the top five countries downloading the free navigation software were China, Italy, UK, Germany and Spain with the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 (both regular and Mini), Nokia N97, Nokia 5230 and Nokia E72 being the most popular devices to install the software on to.

The results are quite amazing and just shows how much interest people have in the phones capable of running Ovi Maps Navigation. As of next month all new Nokia phones will come with satellite navigation installed out of the box.


  1. it is around 11 per second!

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