Google Chrome OS Tablet Concept

Google have created some concept drawings of Chome OS running on a Tablet style device. The video is more focussed on what the operating system could look like rather than the functions of the tablet it’s self.

The video shows a number of multi-touch features where windows are dragged around as objects and resized according to the needs of the program running. As well as showing various browser windows being dragged around it also shows how the Chrome OS will be able to multi-task where two windows are on display at the same time with data moving between each window.

Currently the video just shows how the interface “might possibly” work although I am sure Google will be looking at the best ways for the user to interact with a tablet device. When compared to the iPad it appears that Google [GOOG] are heading for a more versatile approach to an operating system compared to the iPad which is kind of fixed at what it is capable of.

Some things Google are considering are as follows…
* Keyboard interaction with the screen: anchored, split, attached to focus.
* Launchers as an overlay, providing touch or search as means to access web sites.
* Contextual actions triggered via dwell.
* Zooming UI for multiple tabs
* Tabs presented along the side of the screen (see Side tabs)
* Creating multiple browsers on screen using a launcher

Unlike the iPad which will see the tablet device on a single unit, Google will be working with several hardware manufacturers to create various hardware for their Chrome OS tablet version to run on. Check out the video below to see the Chrome Tablet concept in action.

Via: NeoWin


  1. Googlebaiter says

    Great product where can I buy one? Og wait its just a drawing and Google actually have no position whatsoever in this market and are just trying to generate FUD to hold the position till they can join it.

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