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Intel Atom N470 Processor Announced

The Intel Atom N470 has been officially announced. The announcement appears to have come a little early as the document is dated the 1st March. On to the details…

The Intel Atom N470 is a step up from the Intel Atom N450 CPU and runs at 1.83GHz along with housing 512Kb of L2 Cache. DDR2 667 memory is also supported by the new N470 CPU. Intel claim that the performance has been improved in the way of speed which is almost .2GHz quicker and it has been designed with more efficiency too which could further increase battery life on devices such as Netbooks that run it. The Atom N470 also has built in graphics allowing another performance boost for the netbooks it sits in.

It is unknown at the moment which OEM’s are signing up for the Atom N470 CPU, but Intel do say that major OEM’s are signing up which we assume will be the likes of ASUS, Samsung and all other companies who currently run the Intel Atom N450’s. [Read more…]

Nexus One Coming to Vodafone UK in April

The Nexus One from Google [GOOG] will be arriving in the UK in April according to news from the Telegraph. An exact date in April is unknown at the moment and pricing is also unknown although it is expected that the phone will be priced similarly to the Apple iPhone in regards to tariffs.

Just like Google have done with T-Mobile and soon Verizon, the Nexus One will go on sale direct from Google at rather than going on sale direct on the networks own sites or resellers sites. We assume that support will also be handled the same in that Google will be responsible for sales, after sales and technical support in relation to the hardware while network issues will be handled by Vodafone. It is also unclear if calls will be handled in the US for support, or if Google will take an email only support approach like originally when the phone launched in the US. [Read more…]

Palm webOS 1.4 goes to Sprint, O2 and Movistar Networks

Yesterday, Palm released webOS 1.4 for the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi which brings a number of bug fixes and enhancements to the devices.

Now the update has been officially announced on the Sprint network (as reported yesterday) along with the O2 and Movistar networks. The download is 39MB in size and brings video recording as well as flash (Palm Pre only) to the smartphones.

Other networks are having to wait a little longer such as Verizon, Bell and Telcel with the only time scale being mentioned as “soon”. Hopefully these networks will built and push the update out soon. [Read more…]

Google Nexus One arriving on Verizon March 23

Verizon [VZ] are planning to launch the Google Nexus One phone on to their network on March 23. The information came from a worker over at Google [GOOG] who wishes to remain anonymous according to neowin.

We already knew the phone was heading in the direction of Verizon, but until now we have only heard it will be launched Spring 2010.

Currently the Nexus One is only available on the T-Mobile network, so adding it to Verizon will bring some interesting competition. It is believed at this point that Google will continue to sell it the same way through Google only with themselves supporting hardware and after sales and leaving Verizon to tackle just the networking issues that may arise. [Read more…]

Haleron iLet Mini HAL Tablet

The iLet Mini HAL is a tablet built by a company called Haleron. It is powered by an ARM CPU running at 600MHz and has a 7 inch LCD touchscreen that has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Memory wise it has 128MB of DDR2 and for storage it comes with a 2GB NAND Flash with support for up to a 32GB Flash or a 250GB via USB.

Connectivity on the iLet tablet allows for wither wired or wireless internet that is compatible with 802.11b/g networks.

Ports available on the iLet are 2 X USB, Audio out, Microphone as well as an SD card slot for memory expansion. [Read more…]

Windows Phone Starter Edition Details

Microsoft [MSFT] have provided more details on their Windows Phone Starter Edition operating system that was first announced a couple of weeks back. Windows Phone Starter Edition will be available in two versions. One of them will run Office Mobile and the other will not.

ZDNet managed to find some details on how Microsoft plan to launch Windows Phone Starter Edition. From what the answers to various questions say we see that a couple of SKU’s are going to be made available with one which will have Office Mobile as mentioned above. We also hear that multi-language versions are being made available and the OS supports various networks including 2G, 2.5G, CDMA and TD-SCDMA radios. [Read more…]

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000

The Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 allows you to use the mouse as a mouse – no surprise there, but also allows you to control power-point presentations.

Features on the mouse include the Presentation Controls, Media Remote, Battery life Indicator and it connects over a 2.4GHz frequency on Bluetooth. Microsoft [MSFT] also say the BT connection uses First Connect technology. A laser pointer is also built in to the mouse.

The scroll wheel lets you also scroll left to right as well as up and down by using a technology called Tilt Wheel. [Read more…]

Blue Edge Rotor Blades Silence the Helicopter

Pictured here we have a new rotor blade for a helicopter called the Blue Edge Rotor. It was designed to cut down the noise that a helicopter makes when it’s blades skim through the air and actually quietens the whole thing down several notches.

All that is heard from the new blades is a slight bit of wind rustling which is thanks to the shape of them along with some mechanical flaps that move automatically to cut the regular wind noise a helicopter makes.

A video demonstration of the helicopter noises can be found after the jump. [Read more…]

Palm Pre and Pixi webOS 1.4 Updates Hit today on Sprint

The webOS 1.4 update is finally landing today that brings a bunch of new features to the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi handsets.

The webOS 1.4 update is heading to users on the Sprint network only at the moment with plans in the near future for Verizon users to also get the update.

Fixes to the smartphones in this firmware update include a time zone bug that was sorted. A network time sync bug has been fixed. Car-kit BT transition is fixed….

* No EV icon bug fixed (random)
* Random browser formatting bugs fixed
* Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming
* Missing Contact issue specifically with swap down to or less

[Read more…]

ASUS Eee T101MT Hands-On

The ASUS Eee T101MT is an Intel Atom N450 netbook tablet that was first spotted a few weeks back. The ASUS T101MT recently started showing up various places to be reviewed.

The tablet has some fairly standard specs which include an Intel Atom N450 CPU with hyperthreading running at 1.66GHz. 2GB of RAM is included (on the review version) and for storage it uses a hard drive with a 320GB capacity that runs at 5400 RPM. The screen measures 10.1 inches and has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. [Read more…]

Smartbook Logo 3G is not a Smartbook

Smartbooks are usually classed as devices that have an ARM-based processor along with 3G connectivity built in. Their aim was to use a slower processor and have good connectivity allowing users to check email and surf the web. Companies have started building these lower priced Smartbooks and categorising them as Smartbooks. One such device is the Compaq AirLife 100.

A company called Smartbook have now come along and created a new notebook called Logo. The Logo is not a Smartbook though (well it is but isn’t if you know what I mean). Smartbook have created the Logo to be similar to Smartbooks, but the only similarities are that it has a 3G modem built in. [Read more…]

Apple iPhone 4G to get Front Facing Camera – Rumour

We hear a number of rumours about new Apple [AAPL] products when a new launch is expected. The last rumour indicated that the next gen iPhone would get a Super AMOLED screen that is created by Samsung.

The next rumour was started due to a patent that was spotted that is entitled “Apparatus and Method for Compensating for Variations in Digital Cameras” where a drawing of an iPod was shown which appears to have a camera in the bezel that is forward facing. The patent also covers details on both iPod’s and iPhone’s which is where the 4G iPhone with front facing camera rumour is being started. [Read more…]